miércoles, 22 de febrero de 2017

A Movie Recommendation: `Loving´

Working with prefixes these days, the adjective `interracial´came out and I could not help recommending this film, Loving. It is based on actual facts - click here to read about the   couple the story is based on, the Lovings

lunes, 20 de febrero de 2017

Being a Good Listener

Listening to others is important, to grow as a person or to learn about them, but we are never taught how to do it correctly. Watch the video below and learn; choose the subtitles in English for both listening and reading practice - if you need help to understand the message, click on the subtitles in Spanish.

viernes, 17 de febrero de 2017

Love Has No Labels

This entry in the blog could be called a post-Valentine´s Day celebration of love.

The NFL (The National Football League) supports this video - made up of images of the "kiss cam" during one of the matches last January - to celebrate diversity and inclusion. 

Releasing this powerful video at this moment has been seen by some viewers as a political statement, bearing in mind the country´s deep divisions. Since the kiss cam usually focused on `traditional notions of love´, this video has started a controversial debate.

Would you like to share your opinion about the message of the video and the initiative as well? I am all ears!

Love Has No Labels has launched a campaign to show the world how people support love in all forms, This campaign is called `Faces Of Love´. Click here if you want to know more about it. 

martes, 14 de febrero de 2017

Valentine´s Day 2017

Here is a video to celebrate Valentine´s Day. Suggestion to watch it: 

  • Watch the first 90 seconds: reflect on the ages of the two main protagonists of the story; their characters; the relationship between them; and whether or not she likes him;
  • Watch the next 90 seconds, seeking particularly to determine if you were "right" on your first thoughts;
  • At 3'00" stop the video and think about how it is going to end;
  • Stop at 3'35" to have second opinion on that…
  • Stop again on 4'00" and reflect on what had just happened;
  • And then watch it through to the end… Did you like the ending?

NYPC – Hard Knocks from laurie lynch on Vimeo.

Idea from Tech ELT Blog

This is a video of the song "Love Is A Verb" to wish you all a Happy Valentine´s Day. The singer is John Mayer, an American pop rock and blues musician, singer-songwriter, recording artist and music producer.

I am not allowed to embed the original video in the blog but if you click on the video below, you will be redirected to YouTube to be able to watch it. Enjoy and sing along, the lyrics are slow and easy enough for you to practise pronunciation! 

domingo, 12 de febrero de 2017

A Movie Recommendation: "Hidden Figures"

This is a movie about a part of American history that, for one reason or another (you name it, I am sure you an think of more than one reason), has been kept secret from the public until this film was made. Therefore, it is a movie based on actual events that shows the struggles of black women who worked for NASA in the 1960s. It focuses on 3 of these women: Katherine JohnsonDorothy VaughnMary Jackson.

Find below a video where members of the media were invited to NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida to participate in a panel discussion with cast members of the film Hidden Figures. There are no subtitles but you know they will be talking about history and the film so you may just as well understand much more than you think.

Janelle Monae, one of the actresses in the film, has a role in another of the films nominated for the Oscars this year, Moonlight, but she is also a singer. Watch this video where she sings "Tightrope" - the lyrics of the song are in the video below:

miércoles, 8 de febrero de 2017

The Benefits of a Good Joke

Analyzing Ellen DeGeneres´joking style, this video explains how to tell a joke so that people will like you.

Go straight to these moments in the video to hear and read about specific types of jokes:

1:10 - The kind of jokes that make people sad, ones that Ellen rarely makes
2:08 - Self-deprecating jokes make people feel comfortable around Ellen
3:10 - Poking fun at subjects that people are not insecure about allows Ellen to crack jokes without upsetting people
5:20 - Making ego boosting jokes that make other people feel good, makes Ellen someone that people want to spend more time with
5:59 - Ellen can also joke around and just simply be silly 

The voiceover is quite fast so you might just as well click to get the subtitles

martes, 7 de febrero de 2017

Tool For Improving Your Writing Skills

Write and Improve is a free service for learners of English to practice their written skills. This is how it works: you submit your written work and receive feedback in seconds, covering spelling, vocabulary, grammar and general style.

Write and Improve will also award you a Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) level, so you can see your progress

lunes, 6 de febrero de 2017

Sonsoles´Choice Of Commercial

Thanks for the link, Sonsoles!

By the way, if you want to read Sonsoles´writing, here are the links to her blogs: Paper Planes and Aventura de Spanadian

sábado, 4 de febrero de 2017

Superbowl 2017: A Choice of Commercials

The Superbowl is next Monday, at 0:30. If you like sports, or commercials or music, you are likely to read, hear or watch something related to it.

Here are a couple of ads that will be released during the Superbowl; both of them are worth watching  and giving some thought to their message or subtext

The first commercial is a Budweiser ad which focuses on the story of Adolphus Busch and how he immigrated to St. Louis in the US from Germany in the 1800s

In the minute-long clip, which is entitled "Born the Hard Way," a stranger in a bar says, "You don't look like you're from around here" to Busch. It goes on to depict Busch's boat journey to come to America. "Why leave Germany?" a fellow traveler asks Busch. "I want to brew beer," he says.
When he arrives in the U.S. he encounters a hostile crowd and is told, "You're not wanted here" and "Go back home." He continues traveling and reaches St. Louis, where he's finally warmly greeted. At a pub, a fellow customer offers to buy him a beer.
It's then revealed that the friendly patron is his future brewing company partner, Eberhard Anheuser.

Interesting and brave commercial in this Trump´s era we are living,,,

The second ad I have chosen is an Audi commercial which advocates gender equality; it is called "Daughter": a dad narrates, through a series of provocative questions, how society will not value his daughter when she is older.

This ad reminded me of The Women´s March , a worldwide anti-Trump protest that took place on January 21, which ended in an international movement calling for racial and gender equality - among other issues

This third ad encourages you to follow your dreams and believe in yourself, not a bad piece of advice, mind you.

jueves, 2 de febrero de 2017

Tips for Oral Presentations

Watch the following presentation to know the kind of mistakes you should try to avoid during a presentation:
  1. Crossing your arms or legs
  2. Turning your back on the audience
  3. No eye contact
  4. Don´t focus at a single spot on the audience
  5. Standing in the same position
  6. Don´t walk too fast or for too long
  7. Repeating gestures a lot
  8. Fidgetting
  9. Forgetting to smile
  10. Don´t speak too fast, too slow or too low

Thanks to English With a Twist for the link

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